Book in for Regular Monthly Rally

Book in for monthly LARC Rally

By submitting your booking for rally you are agreeing to uphold the policies set by HRCAV

Directions for HRCAV, PCV and EV Clubs conducting rallies or activities:

  • Maximum of 10 riders plus coach and helpers to a group

  • Non riding personnel to be kept to a minimum

  • Subject to venue size and layout, more than one group of 10 may be present.

  • Groups must be physically separated on different parts of the grounds, including separate yards and parking areas

  • When multiple groups are at the venue they must not intermingle. Name, phone number, date and time at facility must be recorded for every person on site

  • Administration and sign on must be organised to avoid gathering.

  • Ensure social distancing and hygiene is strictly observed, including hygiene around portable equipment.

  • Club rooms and other communal areas to remain closed.

  • Yards may be used if it is possible to maintain social distancing.

  • Toilets may be used.

  • Regularly disinfect surfaces such as gates, equipment and toilets.

  • Get in – train – get out policy – avoid gatherings.

  • No overnight stays either on site or offsite.

  • Participants to bring their own food and drink.

  • Schedule riding times to limit numbers at venue.

  • No spectators, family or friends permitted on site. Only 1 parent or helper permitted per rider.

  • Clubs which allow member use of locked grounds for training must put in place a booking system to limit numbers at the grounds at any one time. Rules in line with the requirements for rallies and group training must be applied.

  • The COVIDSafe app should be downloaded and active on all phones